Friday, 7 June 2013

When should a solicitor lodge a caveat, and what are the best ways to remove a caveat?

On Thursday morning, 6 June 2013, I participated in a seminar for solicitors on caveats run by Greens List, barristers, with Bill Rimmer and John Warren. The seminar was chaired by Caroline Kenny, SC. Video of the seminar will be available shortly via 

Topics discussed were: 
1. When should a solicitor consider lodging a caveat for a client? Legally? Strategically? Ethically?
2. Now that the caveat is on title, what are the best ways of removal? Section 89A of the Transfer of Land Act? Section 90(3) of the Transfer of Land Act

The discussion includes an analysis of the decision in Piroshenko v Grojsman, 27 VR 489 by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria, where Her Honour applies the higher standard for an injunction applied by the High Court in Australian Broadcasting Corporation v O'Neill (2006) 227 CLR 57 at 82 - 4.

W G Stark
Hayden Starke Chambers

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